/ Genres: Sci-Fi / Bloodshot is a movie starring Eiza González, Vin Diesel, and Sam Heughan. Ray Garrison, a slain soldier, is re-animated with superpowers / stars: Eiza González.
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You could start with the series from the relaunch, Harbinger is solid. I'd recommend checking out The Valiant by Jeff Lemire which features pretty much every hero in ValiantU and acts as a prologue to his run on Bloodshot with Bloodshot: Reborn. Valiant is pretty insular barring the big event stuff like Harbinger Wars/Armor Hunters and even than the tie in stuff is pretty self contained, you could just pick up the start of a given series and likely get all you need from that series I’d Rec Matt Kindt XO ManoWar Lemire Bloodshot Harbinger-Imperium Doctor Mirage The Faith series is delightful.
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Esse fator de cura me lembrou o do jogo Prototype. Based on the best-selling comic book Bloodshot, as a series, has sold about 7 million issues. That's not nothing, but it would be more accurate to say 'one of Valiant"s best selling comic books. ' By contrast, the 1991 relaunch of X-men sold 8 million copies for one issue. from producers of Fast and Furious No shit. This movie has 17 producers. Also, the pluralisation is a lie. Only one of the 17 producers produced the Fast movies. It would be just as accurate to say 'from producers of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. ' Arguably, it would be more accurate to say 'from producers of Holmes and Watson, ' as at least 2 of the producers who brought you this also made that. What I'm telling you is this thing has piece-of-shit written all over it.

Bloodshot cast. Sounds somewhat like Hardcore Henry. I literally screamed with glee after watching this. I am SO fudging excited for this movie. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with Bloodshot. Synopsis Bloodshot is a character in the Valiant Universe, a violent but heroic super-soldier with nanites in his blood that give him special powers. These powers include superhuman physicality, the ability to regenerate from any wound if he consumes enough matter, the ability to alter his body shape, and the ability to communicate with machines. His body was engineered by the secret government organization Project Rising Spirit to turn him into a living weapon. The process that gave him his powers also made him lose his memories, so Rising Spirit implanted false memories to manipulate and motivate him. Bloodshot would eventually break free of their control and begin living his own life, attempting to atone for his sins and figure out who he truly is. Bloodshot looks very similar to Rai, a character of Valiant's future timeline who, in Valiant Comics ' universe, was designed to look like the legendary Bloodshot by Grandmother, "hoping to invoke the spirit of his heroic exploits in the people. " [1] History Bloodshot was created by writer Kevin VanHook and artist Yvel Guichet in 1992 at Valiant Comics, originally appearing in the pages of Eternal Warrior. The character was an instant hit and would quickly get his own series Bloodshot (Volume 1) in 1993, initially written by VanHook with illustrations by Don Perlin. The series would last 52 issues until it concluded in 1996. Valiant was bought by Acclaim Entertainment, who rebooted the Valiant Universe in 1997. This reboot introduced a new version of Bloodshot in the series Bloodshot (Volume 2), written by Len Kaminski with art by Sal Velluto. The series concluded after 16 issues in 1998. Acclaim would eventually go out of business in 2004, and the rights to Bloodshot would be purchased by Valiant Entertainment. The Valiant Universe was rebooted again in 2012 with a new line of comics by Valiant Entertainment. This reboot included a new version of Bloodshot appearing in Bloodshot (Volume 3), written by Duane Swierczynski with art by Arturo Lozzi and Manuel Garcia. Following the Harbinger Wars crossover in 2013, Bloodshot was rebranded with a new title but continued numbering as Bloodshot and H. A. R. D. Corps. This lasted until 2014 when the series went on temporary hiatus for the Armor Hunters event. The crossover included a miniseries titled Armor Hunters: Bloodshot written by Joe Harris. Bloodshot would then return to his own title, which reverted to its original name Bloodshot, until it ended after 27 issues. Jeff Lemire would begin writing a new ongoing series titled Bloodshot Reborn in 2015. This series lasted 18 issues until it concluded in 2016. Lemire would then follow this work with a 2016 miniseries titled Bloodshot U. S. A., and then another 12 issue series in 2017 called Bloodshot Salvation. This series was followed in 2018 by a prequel series titled Bloodshot Rising Spirit Vol 1, written by Kevin Grevioux, Lonnie Nadler, and Zac Thompson, with art by Ken Lashley. The series concluded after 8 issues in 2019, and was followed by a series set in the present simply titled Bloodshot Vol 4, written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Brett Booth. Characters Characters in Comic Books Valiant Comics Era (1991-1996) Bloodshot (Valiant Comics) Acclaim Comics Era (1996-2002) Bloodshot (Acclaim Comics) Valiant Entertainment Era (2012-present) Bloodshot (Valiant Entertainment) Komandar Bloodshot (Valiant Entertainment) (Stalinverse) Bloodtot (Valiant Entertainment) (Fictional counterpart) Bloodshot Squad (Valiant Entertainment) Bloodshot Rising Spirit (Valiant Entertainment) Bloodshot 4001 (Valiant Entertainment) Bloodshot (Valiant High) Character in Other Media Film Bloodshot (Bloodshot movie) Live Action Series Bloodshot (Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe) (2018) Video Games Bloodshot (Acclaim Entertainment) Publications Valiant Comics Bloodshot (Volume 1) #0-51 · ( February, 1993 - August, 1996) Bloodshot Yearbook #1 · ( April, 1994) Bloodshot: Last Stand #1 · ( March, 1996) Acclaim Comics Bloodshot (Volume 2) #1-16 · ( March, 1997 - June, 1998) Valiant Entertainment Bloodshot (Volume 3) #0-13, 24-25 · ( July, 2012 - November, 2014) One Dollar Debut: Bloodshot #1 · ( May, 2013) Bloodshot and H. Corps (Volume 1) #14-23, 0 · ( September, 2013 - June, 2014) Eternal Warrior/Bloodshot and H. Corps Flip Sketchbook · ( July, 2013) Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1-3 · ( July, 2014 - September, 2014) Bloodshot Reborn (Volume 1) #0-18 · ( April, 2015 - October, 2016) Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot #1 · ( July, 2015) Bloodshot Reborn Annual 2016 #1 · ( March, 2016) 4001 A. : Bloodshot #1 · ( June, 2016) Bloodshot U. (Volume 1) #1-4 · ( October, 2016 - January, 2017) Divinity III: Komandar Bloodshot #1 · ( December, 2016) Bloodshot's Day Off #1 · ( July, 2017) Bloodshot Salvation (Volume 1) #1-12 · ( September, 2017 - August, 2018) Bloodshot Rising Spirit (Volume 1) #1-8 · ( November, 2018 - June, 2019) Bloodshot (Volume 4) · ( September, 2019) Collections Bloodshot (Volume 1) Hardcover Valiant Masters: Bloodshot: Blood of the Machine Bloodshot (Volume 3) Trade Paperbacks Bloodshot: Setting the World on Fire Bloodshot: The Rise and the Fall Bloodshot: Harbinger Wars Bloodshot: H. Corps Bloodshot: Get Some! Armor Hunters: Bloodshot Bloodshot: The Glitch and Other Tales Trade Paperback Definitive Edition Bloodshot Definitive Edition Hardcovers Bloodshot Deluxe Edition Book 1 Bloodshot Deluxe Edition Book 2 Bloodshot Reborn (Volume 1) Bloodshot Reborn: Colorado Bloodshot Reborn: The Hunt Bloodshot Reborn: The Analog Man Bloodshot Reborn: Bloodshot Island Bloodshot U. A. Bloodshot Reborn Deluxe Edition Book 1 Bloodshot Reborn Deluxe Edition Book 2 Bloodshot Salvation (Volume 1) Bloodshot Salvation: The Book of Revenge Bloodshot Salvation: The Book of the Dead Bloodshot Salvation: The Book of Revelations Other Media Bloodshot film See: Bloodshot In April 2015 Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment announced a five-picture to bring Bloodshot, Harbinger, and Harbinger Wars to the big screen. [2] While the Harbinger films moved to Paramount, the Bloodshot movie is still at Sony, starring Vin Diesel as the title character. The film currently has a release date of March 13, 2020. Based on the bestselling comic book, Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action and brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force –stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not – but he’s on a mission to find out. [3] A Bloodshot video game for the PC and Playstation was in the works in 1997 by Iguana Entertainment, but was cancelled due to delays. The team involved moved on to work on Shadow Man, and Bloodshot would appear in that game as an unlockable character. [4] Novels Bloodshot: The Official Movie Novelization is an upcoming novel adaption of the 2020 film. Other Pages No other pages currently listed. References This section is for footnotes and citations. ↑ Secrets of the Valiant Universe #3 ( February, 1995) ↑ Sony Pictures and Valiant Announce Five-Picture Deal to Bring BLOODSHOT, HARBINGER, and HARBINGER WARS to Big Screen (April 21, 2015 by The Valiant Voice) ↑ Bloodshot Movie: Synopsis ↑ Bloodshot (by Cyplexia) External links Bloodshot (comics) at Valiant Universe Archer & Armstrong · Bloodshot · Divinity · Doctor Mirage · Eternal Warrior · Geomancer · H. Corps · Harbinger · Ninjak · Quantum and Woody · Rai · Secret Weapons · Shadowman · Timewalker · Unity · X-O Manowar Magnus, Robot Fighter · Solar, Man of the Atom · Turok, Dinosaur Hunter.

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Those of you who had their hearts set on seeing Vin Diesel on the big screen in Bloodshot this coming February, I have some bad news for you: You’re going to have to wait a little longer. Sony has bumped the Valiant comics character’s story from its February 21, 2020 slot to nearly a month later, now arriving March 13, 2020. Not a huge change, but it does take Sony’s antihero flick out of the opening frame for The Call of the Wild and Emma, putting it opposite STX Entertainment’s family action-comedy My Spy, starring Dave Bautista. The feature film adaptation of the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated comic book series stars international superstar Diesel ( The Fast & The Furious franchise) with Guy Pearce ( The Hurt Locker), Eiza Gonzalez ( Baby Driver), Sam Heughan ( Outlander), Lamorne Morris ( New Girl), Toby Kebbell ( Kong: Skull Island), and Talulah Riley ( Westworld). Brought back from the dead by Rising Spirit Technologies through the use of nanotechnology and suffering total memory loss, Ray Garrison – aka Bloodshot (Diesel) – struggles to reconnect with who he was while learning what sort of weapon he has become with the help of a group of other augmented combatants. You can feast your eyes on the film’s trailer here. Image via Sony Pictures Bloodshot was written by Academy Award-nominee Eric Heisserer ( Arrival) and Jeff Wadlow ( Kick Ass 2) and directed by Dave Wilson ( Love Death + Robots). The film reunites Diesel with his The Fast & The Furious producer Neal Moritz, who is producing alongside Toby Jaffe  for Original Film, and Dinesh Shamdasani for Hivemind. Bloodshot will arrive in theaters worldwide on February 21st, 2020. Originally created in 1992 by Bob Layton, Kevin VanHook, and Don Perlin for Valiant Comics,  Bloodshot has sold more than 8 million comic books worldwide and remains one of the most popular and enduring comics creations of the past 25 years. Returned to the fore in 2012 as one of the flagship titles of Valiant’s best-selling relaunch, the character’s modern incarnation both inspired Sony’s feature film adaptation and spawned dozens of awards and nominations, including the prestigious Eisner and Harvey Awards, with contributions from leading talents such as New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire ( Gideon Falls), Edgar Award-nominee Duane Swierczynski ( Birds of Prey), Eisner Award-nominee Joshua Dysart ( Unknown Soldier), New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt ( Mind MGMT), Harvey Award-nominee Lewis LaRosa ( The Punisher), Harvey Award nominee Mico Suayan ( Joker/Harley Quinn), and many more.

Bloodshot Textless cover of Bloodshot #1 (July 2012). Art by Arturo Lozzi. Publication information Publisher Valiant Comics First appearance Cameo appearance: Eternal Warrior #4 (November 1992) Full appearance: Rai #0 (November 1992) Created by Kevin VanHook Don Perlin Bob Layton In-story information Alter ego Raymond Garrison Team affiliations Unity Notable aliases Angelo Mortalli Psiot Killer Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and endurance Healing factor Master hand-to-hand combatant Shapeshifting Cyberkinesis Formerly: Access to H. A. R. D. Corps implants Bloodshot Publication information Publisher Valiant Comics Format Ongoing series Genre Superhero No. of issues List (vol. 1): 52 (#0-51) (vol. 2): 16 (#1-16) (vol. 3): 26 (#0-25) ( Bloodshot Reborn): 19 (#0-18) ( Bloodshot Salvation): 12 (#1-12) ( Bloodshot Rising Spirit): 8 (#1-8) (vol. 4): 5 (#1-5) (as of January 2020 cover date) Bloodshot is a fictional superhero appearing in books published by the American publisher Valiant Comics. The character was created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. Publication history [ edit] Bloodshot was created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton during a wave of popularity for Valiant Comics. [1] The character's name was suggested by artist David Chlystek. [2] The character first appeared in three panels on the last page of Eternal Warrior #4 (November 1992), before making his first full appearance in Rai #0 (November 1992) a week later. Plot summary [ edit] Bloodshot is a former soldier with powers of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood, hence the name Bloodshot. After having his memory wiped numerous times, Bloodshot is out to discover who he really is and get vengeance on those who did this to him. [3] Bloodshot's bloodstream contains a billion nanobots, enabling him to heal from injuries quickly, interface with technology, and shape shift his mass. Project Rising Spirit's program to create the ultimate soldier stretches back decades, and reached critical mass in the depths of World War II. Though the initial products of the program were crudely enhanced and highly expendable foot soldiers suitable only for the simplest scenarios, these early subjects were able to complete high-intensity missions regardless of any obstacles. Over the decades, these results ensured that the "Bloodshot" program was consistently earmarked for future development and continued to break new ground. Throughout the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, P. S. redefined the nanotechnology that would power Bloodshot, and develop a new artificial intelligence system that allowed him to be deployed in a wider array of off-the-battlefield counterintelligence and espionage missions. While Bloodshot was self-aware to a degree, the human-machine hybrid was still deemed to inflict unacceptably high levels of collateral damage. In 2007, another P. scientist, Dr. Emmanuel Kuretich, discovered his employers' intention to redirect the Bloodshot program in to a new area: the targeting and capture of the extremely rare, psionically powered children called "psiots. " Alarmed, Kuretich fled P. for Toyo Harada's Harbinger Foundation, where he secretly began forging a plan to undo P. S. Several years later, while on a routine mission in Afghanistan, Bloodshot is captured by Kuretich, who forcibly extracts the records of Bloodshot's missions with the intent of exposing Project Rising Spirit to the world. The process, however, unlocks all of Bloodshot's false memories, which had been used to motivate him in war zones throughout the world, all at once. P. S., fearing that Bloodshot has finally gone rogue, decides to rein him in. Bloodshot escapes capture with the aid of an ambulance driver named Kara Murphy before finally returning to P. to uncover the truth behind his identity. Tipped off by Kuretich, Bloodshot storms a P. facility in Nevada, but finds only the sub-basement facility known as the Nursery. Built to house the empowered psiot children captured by Bloodshot, freeing the Nursery's captives has been Kuretich and Harada's true objective all along. Bloodshot is forced to combat the Nursery's sadistic psiot jailer Gamma and P. 's outdated cyborg hit squad Chainsaw. Bloodshot frees the captive children, including generation Zero, an action that inadvertently sets off a chain reaction of events that would culminate in the Harbinger Wars in the Las Vegas Strip. Confronted by Toyo Harada in the aftermath of the P. breakout, Bloodshot's capacity for free will is overridden by the "Harada Protocol", a piece of hidden P. programming that compels him to terminate Harada. A vicious battle ensues, which leaves Harada seriously wounded, and Bloodshot with a depleted nanite count. In the closing moments of the Harbinger wars, Bloodshot again falls into Harada's clutches, and spends several weeks as a prisoner of the Harbinger Foundation. During this time, Harada subjects Bloodshot to cruel and painful experiments as he attempts to solve the secret behind the incredibly rare nanites in Bloodshot's bloodstream. However, Project Rising Spirit quickly expedites a rescue led by the H. Corps. After storming Harada's El Segundo facility, they successfully extract Bloodshot, who shortly thereafter accepts a spot on the H. Corps roster. Bloodshot is rewarded with a hard copy of the P. file on his true identity. Bloodshot is deployed across the globe on various missions alongside the H. Corps, including as assignment to retrieve a former P. test subject codenamed Prodigal and his supposedly "immortal" bodyguard. Volume One and Volume Two of Bloodshot keeps the same core story elements with different settings and plots. Volume One [ edit] Angelo Mortalli has become the ultimate killing machine. His memories have been erased and his blood has been infused with microscopic computers called nanites. These nanites allow him to heal wounds quickly, dominate electronic devices, and fully control every aspect of his body to maximize his physical capabilities. A modern-day Frankenstein's monster, he wages a one-man war, taking out the mob, the police and his covert government creators, in his struggle to find out who he was and what he has become. Characters [ edit] Angelo Mortalli, a. k. a. Bloodshot Mortalli is a ruthless killer climbing the mob ranks when his crime family betrays him and has him framed for murder. He goes into federal witness protection but is betrayed by one of the FBI members guarding him. He is then kidnapped and taken to be part of an experimental procedure known as "Project Rising Spirit". His body is injected with microscopic computers called nanites (nanobots). The nanites quickly go to work, rebuilding his brain and then the rest of his body, unexpectedly reviving Angelo but erasing his memory in the process. The nanites (nanobots) now fully control Angelo's body (manipulating blood flow, adrenaline levels etc. ) giving him augmented reflexes and strength, enhanced hearing; the ability to heal rapidly, and control of electronic devices. Angry, violent and unsure of what he has become, he escapes. Taking the name Bloodshot, he begins the process of piecing together who he was. Don Gino Canelli Angelo Mortalli's mafia boss and his girlfriend's father is Gino, a ruthless man who will do anything to protect his family. He treats Angelo like a son. When he learns that Angelo has been cheating on his daughter, he orders Angelo set up for the murder of a rival without a second thought. Hideyoshi Iwatsu Iwatsu is an old and dangerous Japanese scientist who created the Bloodshot procedure. He is extremely immoral, using unwilling “volunteers” for his experiments, most of whom die as a result. Tanaka Tanaka is Hideyoshi Iwatsu's aide and right-hand man. More trusted by Hideyoshi than he does his own son, Tanaka is a brilliant manipulator. His arrogance blinds him, however, and leads to stupid mistakes on his part. Volume Two [ edit] Angelo Mortalli has been subjected against his will to a scientific experiment that has remade him into the ultimate killing machine, an engine of destruction codenamed Bloodshot. But, in the process, his memories were lost. His creators mean to use him as a weapon, an unstoppable assassin. But he breaks free and escapes. In this rendition, the writer Len Kaminski elaborates on BloodShot's nano technology. They turn out to be like sentient beings that see him as their God and provoke him to self-induce a trance-like state using a mixture of substances in order to communicate with him directly. Deadly operatives of the super-secret government agency that sponsored his creation hunt him down. Following a broken trail of fragmentary recollections, Bloodshot fights a running battle against them, the mob and the police. Bloodshot The first and only success of Project Lazarus, Bloodshot is a miracle of technology, far exceeding his creators’ expectations. Microscopic machines called nanites injected into his blood maximize his physicality, heal his wounds, extend his senses and imbue him with the ability to interface with any electronic device. In his former life as Angelo Mortalli, he learns, he was a rising star in a New York crime the trail doesn't end there. He was someone else before he was Mortalli. Who was Raymond Garrison? Simon Oreck The Director in Chief of the Domestic Operations Authority (DOA), a covert operations arm of the United States government. An information trader, his business is knowledge and he has his eyes and ears in every branch of government – all of which is fed to him constantly by the wall of computers and monitors that fill his office. Despite usually preferring his department to remain behind the scenes, Oreck offers to commit DOA resources to helping the FBI extract information on the Cianelli crime family from the brain of recently deceased mobster Angelo Mortalli. But as always, Oreck is hiding his true motives. Doctor Frederick J. Stroheim Son of Nazi scientist Klaus Stroheim, the “Mengele of Dachau, ” Frederick inherited his father's genius and his utter inhumanity. Project Lazarus is his brainchild. Gina DeCarlo In the process of eliminating all evidence that Angelo Mortalli ever existed, D. O. operatives expunged all documentation, razed his home, and even had phone books reprinted without his name. He also discovers that they coldly murdered Gina, the love of his life, to silence her. As if he didn't hate them enough already.... The Chainsaw Known as the Special Circumstances Division, codename: The Chainsaw are a highly trained team of mercenaries that work for the Domestic Operations Authority (DOA). Utilizing a state-of-the-art group combat technology called Chainlink, the members of The Chainsaw are provided with instant data and communication tools that allow for perfect combat tactics and strategy. Each member is specialized in one area of covert warfare and utilizes the latest in DOA technology. Michael Pileggi A made man in the Cianelli crime family, Michael Pileggi is one of the few who know the truth behind Angelo Mortalli's death. Don Cianelli had ordered Pileggi to fake a funeral for Mortalli in order to prevent the Don's daughter and Mortalli's girlfriend Gina from becoming suspicious. When he hears that someone has been asking questions about Mortalli and killing his men for answers, he becomes paranoid and holes up in his heavily guarded mansion. Volume Three [ edit] There are 25 issues in this volume, including #0. [4] A 2012 relaunch by Valiant Publishing: Bloodshot is a man searching for his identity. He is a weapon, one built for military destruction. Using false memories the government has motivated him to do things while believing to himself that he was protecting an imagined family. But no more. When the weapon awakens, it malfunctions thus beginning a war over the control of Bloodshot's mind. Leaving a trail of destruction he breaks away from the military base he is being held at. A man marked with gray skin and a red mark on his chest, Bloodshot chooses to trust no one as he fights to figure out who he used to be, and what it is he has become. Series written by Duane Swierczynski. [5] The series tied into the Harbinger Wars event with issues 10 through 13. Starting with issue 14, the series was retitled Bloodshot and Hard Corps, with the character as a member of the Hard Corps team. The series crossed over with Archer And Armstrong in a story arc titled "Mission: Improbable". Volume Four - Bloodshot Reborn [ edit] Relaunched in 2015 by Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan it ran for 18 regular issues, plus a #0, and annual, and the Bloodshot Island 4 issue miniseries. Bloodshot has had his nanites removed by Kay McHenry ( Geomancer) and is trying to live a normal life. But when a number of shootings are carried out by men who look like Bloodshot, he must go back into the world he tried to leave behind. Volume Five - Bloodshot Salvation [ edit] Relaunched again by Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan, this time in 2017 with the addition of artist Lewis LaRosa, it ran for 12 regular issue plus a number of event tie ins. Following directly on from Bloodshot Reborn, Bloodshot must now protect his girlfriend Magic and their daughter from Magic's sadistic family. Volume Six - Bloodshot Rising Spirit [ edit] In 2018 the writing trio of Kevin Grevioux, Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson, with artist Ken Lashley launched a new volume. It ran for 8 issues and as of January 2020 has not been collected in paperback or hardcover. Volume Seven [ edit] Another relaunch happened in 2019, with Tim Seeley writing and Brett Booth on art duties. This is the current ongoing Bloodshot volume. Connections between Bloodshot and other Valiant characters [ edit] Generally, the characters published by Valiant inhabit a shared universe/continuity. Characters appear or are referenced in each other's books. For example, there is a very definite connection between Rai and Bloodshot. Bloodshot's silicon based, nanite powered blood flows through Takao Konishi's veins (the last Rai). It grants him some of Bloodshot's memories and all of Bloodshot's powers. The entire line of warriors who were known as Rai were created by Grandmother in the image of Bloodshot to honor his heroism. Reception [ edit] Bloodshot is one of the best selling Valiant characters with total sales in all languages approaching seven million comics. Shortly before the debut of the Bloodshot series the title character made two introductory appearances in popular titles Rai and Eternal Warrior. Based on these appearances there was a groundswell of demand for the character to return and high anticipation for the premier issue. Bloodshot #1 (February 1993) was a much anticipated comic that became a best selling issue and has gone on to sell approximately one million copies. [6] The original series was written by Kevin VanHook and drawn by Don Perlin. The premiere issue featured the first "Chromium" comic book cover. [7] Bloodshot #1 (July 2012) was awarded "Best Comic" by Diamond Comic Distributors (the American comics industry's leading distributor) and "Best Innovation" for its chromium cover. [ citation needed] Bloodshot was named one of the Top Ten Comic-Book Series of 2012 by Nerdage. [8] In other media [ edit] Film [ edit] Bloodshot will appear in Bloodshot, portrayed by Vin Diesel. [9] Video games [ edit] A Bloodshot video game was in development between 1997 and 1998 at Iguana Entertainment UK for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows, but was cancelled by publisher Acclaim Entertainment due to late development issues. [10] [11] Bloodshot appears as a secret unlockable playable character in the Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast versions of Shadow Man. Web series [ edit] Bloodshot appears in Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, portrayed by Jason David Frank. [12] [13] [14] References [ edit] ^ "NYCC 2017: Valiant Offers Limited-Edition BLOODSHOT SALVATION BEAR – Available Exclusively at New York Comic Con 2017! ". Valiant Entertainment. September 15, 2017. Retrieved September 15, 2017. ^ @dinesh_s (8 January 2018). "With all the BLOODSHOT talk today the great @Bob_Layton, one of the characters chief architects, reminds us that Dave Chlystek named him! " (Tweet) – via Twitter. ^ "Bloodshot (Character) - Comic Vine". ^ "Bloodshot (Volume) - Comic Vine". Comic Vine. Retrieved 2018-08-08. ^ "Valiant Entertainment". ^ " Home Page". ^ Mark Ginocchio (2014-06-07). "10 silliest comic book gimmick covers from the 1990s". ^ Matt Price (2013-04-01). "Top Ten Comic-Book Series of 2012".. Retrieved 2013-06-06. ^ Jr, Mike Fleming; Hipes, Patrick (March 8, 2018). "Vin Diesel Back In Action With Sony's 'Bloodshot', Valiant Comic Adaptation With Dave Wilson Directing". Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved March 9, 2018. ^ "Bloodshot". Cyplexia. Paul Taylor. 23 April 2010. Retrieved 11 March 2017. ^ "Acclaim Kills Bloodshot". IGN. Imagine Media. January 6, 1999. Retrieved March 11, 2017. ^ @ValiantComics (30 September 2016). "Look who's joining us at @NY_Comic_Con, @jdfffn! #NYCC" (Tweet) – via Twitter. ^ Mueller, Matthew (September 30, 2016). "First Look At Jason David Frank As Bloodshot". ^ Lovett, Jamie (October 8, 2016). "Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Trailer Released At NYCC". External links [ edit] Bloodshot at the Valiant Comics wiki Bloodshot Fan Site "Valiant Days, Valiant Nights - A Look Back at the Rise and Fall of Valiant, Newsarama.

Level 1 No white skin and red eyes tho:( Still excited but just wished for a more comic accurate look level 2 There was like two seconds in the trailer where he looked like Bloodshot. Either way, I think it will be fun. level 1 Huh!. This actually looks really good. If done well could turn into a viable franchise. Hope the movie delivers. level 2 That’s just it, though - my understanding is that Paramount’s recent acquisition of the other Valiant Entertainment properties means that even if Bloodshot is successful, it likely will not become the basis for a cinematic universe. Hopefully I am wrong, and Sony can learn to share the character in the same way that they share Spider-Man. level 1 Holy shit looks like Frankenstein's monster of inspiration from other movies level 2 What others were you thinking? level 1 Holy hell! That was so much better than I was expecting. level 2 I'm also pleasantly surprised by how entertaining this looks! level 1 Another trailer that spoils the movie level 2 Sony is known for this. Remember the Homecoming and Venom trailers? level 2 If you think that it's only because you don't know anything about Bloodshot, nothing in that trailer gives away any real details about him or spoilers from his comics. level 1 This is certainly A movie level 1 Man so excited for this one. level 1 This looks like a Netflix movie level 1 Looks like a movie you've seen a few times before level 1 $80M DOM $140M China $400M WW level 1 why doesnt he look anything like the character tho? level 2 The symbiote didn't make a single appearance in the first trailer for Venom. I'm just saying, they cut these things pretty weirdly. level 2 they wouldn't spoil it in the first trailer? I THINK!

Bloodshot full movie. Bloodshot records. Wow that looks amazing plus has aussie star guy pearce in it 👏👏👏🙌. Sony Exec: hey, let's ruin comic book characters from another publisher. On RESIST!, Chicago's original punk cowboys, The Waco Brothers, play protest songs about the folks getting shoved down, and songs about the system that’s doing the shoving. The band’s 25-year songbook remains alarmingly relevant. They can be political, they can be personal, and sometimes there is no difference. Their shout-along manifestos and strident tomfoolery make for a potent elixir in times when reason and humor are at odds.

Bloodshot imdb. I really dont care. I'm still gonna see it. Bloodshot eyes symptoms. Bloodshot eyes. Bloodshot bill. Bloodshot eyes in dogs. Bloodshot stronghold puzzle. FULL MOVIE YTS R`ead h`ere Bloodshot Watch Full Movie Online Free Streaming Watch #Bloodshot Online Yourvideohost... Level 1 Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 2, Black Widow, Eternals, Morbius, and Venom 2. And then Bloodshot. Maybe Valiant hopped on too late? Maybe Bloodshot wasn't the best jumping off point. Maybe Diesel was the wrong lead. Or maybe I'm wrong and it'll be a sleeper hit. level 2 Sadly NONE of those movies look good or sound interesting to me outside of maybe Wonder Woman and maybe Black Widow. level 1 I want it to be good, but this bores me. level 1 The chest doesn't even have the circle..... level 1 I love the comics but this poster is just cringey. I don’t think it would even remotely interest the casual comic book movie goer. The trailers and posters make this look like another Fast and Furious spin off, except now Dom is the supersoldier instead of Idris Elba. level 2 Sometimes I feel like these movies try to be too gritty, let it embrace the comic origins of it, if it has themes which seem out of place with the real world embrace it a little at least. This will look like some random sci-fi film to most and not true to the comic to people like us. level 1 Its so weird that the word Valiant hasnt ever appeared anywhere alongside this movie. Not in trailers or on posters. level 2 Not weird when you realize they don't have the rights to other characters in Valiant universe and Dinesh has such a strained relationship with the publisher now. Plus no one knows who Valiant is. Much better to just say "Based on the Best Selling Comic Book" to those making the movie and makes perfect sense. level 1 Man! What's up with all the hate here. We're getting a high budget Bloodshot movie. I'm in, "You Don't Need a Pat to Have a Future"... HELL YA! :) level 2 I mean, if it ends up being bad is it a win to just have a movie? Judge Dredd’s movie was so bad it negatively effected the reboot which was an awesome movie level 2 But this isn't a Bloodshot movie. From even a casual glance it can be seen that it's not the same character. It's literally just Vin Diesel. This could be XXX, Fast And Furious, any of these films. It would be like if they made a Batman film starring Jason Statham and had him wearing a sweater and jeans throughout the movie instead of a costume. level 1 I'm stoked. Wish the centre was red and bleeding. But damn. Jason Bourne meets batman. I'm ready level 1 I don’t understand why they couldn’t commit more to his comic look. The glowing chest interpretation comes across too much like Iron Man.

Bloodshot film. Bloodshot eye treatment. I clicked on this because I saw preditor on the thumbnail. Ugh. Bloodshot eyes causes. 24:47 Language. Captain America. If I was Bloodshot; I rather be dead than being use as a weapon, being controlled and having my memories wiped everytime. Bloodshot movie. Bloodshot. Bloodshot – international trailer #2 reaction. Bloodshot comic. Watch"Bloodshot"full"movie"camrip Bloodsho*t& 2018) English Full Movie Online Free Download Watch Online Free.

Bloodshot csfd. Bloodshot dawn reanimation full album. Bloodshot marvel. Bloodshot dawn. Bloodshot eye. Bloodshot eyes cause. Bloodshot movie 2020.

Jumanji. The next level is 2019

Bloodshot eyes and headache. Resurrection is never free🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Bloodshot movie trailer. R/teenagers is the biggest community forum run by teenagers for teenagers. Our subreddit is primarily for discussions and memes that an average teenager would enjoy to discuss about. We do not have any age-restriction in place but do keep in mind this is targeted for users between the ages of 13 to 19. Parents, teachers, and the like are welcomed to participate and ask any questions! I've never thought I'd say this, but Jared Leto kinda seems like a good fit for this role. But. what if it was Keanu Reeves or Norman Reedus? 😳. Bloodshot eye causes.

Level 1 This poster looks like it was made for a very well done fan-film. level 2 And also a very poorly made non-fan-film. level 2 It looks like it's for a movie that Vinny Chase would star in. level 2 It looks like something straight from those Twitter accounts that exist solely to post their terrible fanart/posters. level 2 I think it more closely fits the cover of a PS4 exclusive game. level 1 This movie feels 16 years too late. level 2 This looks like a movie you see in the $3 DVD bargain bin at Best Buy. level 2 Hey now Babylon AD was in 2008 level 2 "XXX: Return of Xander Cage! Vin Diesel is back as XXX, in the most anticipated sequel of 2004! " level 2 I know right? I completely forgot Bloodshot existed until I saw the first 20 seconds of the trailer. level 2 More like Vin unleaded, amirite? level 2 Probably closer to 5 years too late. Bloodshot hit a resurgence at the beginning of the 10’s. Vin Diesel being Bloodshot is going to kill a lot of interest in it, I think. level 2 16!? This was a comic book no one bought in 1994! level 2 I have Straight to DVD's from 2003 that look just like this. Not bad movies eithers. level 1 Wow um this looks not good:/ level 2 It's so obnoxiously photoshopped to make him look slimmer than he actually is lol level 2 Comment deleted by user 26 days ago ( More than 1 child).

Bloodshot vin diesel. Welp, I first thought this had something to do with Riddick. Level 1 I cannot believe that I live in a day and age where a Bloodshot movie is coming out. What's next, Solar or X-O Manowar movies? A Valiant shared cinematic universe?.... I'd actually be okay with that. level 2 Iirc thats the plan. I think were supposed to be getting another Valiant movie but i cant remember it right now. I wanna say Eternal Warrior or Rai but im not sure level 2 I would love a X-O Manowar movie. That would be sick as hell. level 2 That would be awesome for sure, but I think I read that the various Valiant properties are being farmed out to different studios, so it's unlikely we'd see something like a The Valiant or Harbinger Wars crossover movie. level 2 You know that is actually kinda sort of gonna happen? I read it somewhere level 2 We digging deep and are gonna have a Magnus: Robot Fighter by 2022 level 1 Well if you pained Vin Disel grey gave him a black shirt with a red dot on it, that’s what you’d get. level 1 Any particular Bloodshot comic you'd recommend to somebody who's always thought it sounded uninteresting but wants to check it out now that Vin Diesel's doing it? level 2 Bloodshot Reborn by Lemire. Spins out of The Valiant. Also by him. level 2 Read The Valiant by Jeff Lemire followed by his runs on Bloodshot: Reborn and Salvation. It’s very insular an character driven. It’s really different from the previous Bloodshot series which was more Deadpool style body horror/comedy (sans breaking the fourth wall) mixed with an action edge level 1 Well, I guess he couldn't grow hair for the role. Eh. level 2 Has he ever had hair? Does he shave his head or is he just bald? level 1 I wonder if he’ll do promotional work for this toy like he did for Street Sharks back in the 90’s. level 2 From your lips to Valiant's ears... level 1 I guess I kind of wish he had a toupee, but it's surprisingly faithful. level 2 That's kinda where I'm at... Curious to see what he looks like in the actual movie. Sometimes toys can be deceiving. level 1 I want Valiant movies, I do not want Vin Diesel as Bloodshot.

Bloodshot. I think they just copy the UPGRADE movie. For a minute you fooled me after the store incident. I have dry eyes and somewhat sensitive eyes. I use mainly Colourpop, Huda, and Urban Decay. My eyes burned at first with some of the pigments, but after a while it went away once they got used to it. I still use eye drops after I do my eyes though. Also have to be careful with what creams I put there. Right now I'm using a crayon sort of primer and that doesn't burn as much as concealers. I'm not sure if it's because it's thicker and doesn't move around as much, but maybe try switching that up. I also wear moisturizer with sunscreen, along with a Korean sunscreen. Both I can't really put on my lids very heavy. So whatever you put on your face could also be a culprit. But also, some people just have really sensitive eyes and can't wear most eyeshadows, so that is a thing.

Takže padouch Guy Pearce tu hraje svého záporáka z Iron mana 3, který ovládá Vina Diesela, který hraje stejnou postavu jako Idris Elba ve filmu Hobbs a Shaw (jen je dobrák. Bloodshot eyeball. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Look up bloodshot in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Bloodshot may refer to: Red eyes (see conjunctivitis and Red eye) Bloodshot (The J. Geils Band album), 1973 Bloodshot (Choir album), 2018 Bloodshot (comics), a Valiant comic book series featuring the superhero Bloodshot Bloodshot (film), a 2020 film based upon the above series, and the first in the Valiant Cinematic Universe Bloodshot Records, a record label Bloodshot (video game), a video game by Domark Condemned 2: Bloodshot, a 2008 video game Blood Shot (novel), a 1988 novel by Sara Paretsky Bloodshot (song), a 2019 song by Dove Cameron.

YEEEESSS. Valiant is back. More Valiant

2:29 xD pizza time. Bloodshot eyes in children. THE FORCE BROUGHT US TOGETHER - RON JEREMY. Bloodshot trailer. Bloodshot eye cause. They really do spoil everything in this movies trailers huh. Since you building Diesel, add a turbo to Make him fast talker. Bloodshot eyes treatment. Another potential franchise bites the dust at Sony. So far, they've lost Barbie and Sonic the Hedgehog to rival studios, and they clearly don't know what they're doing on Masters of the Universe and Uncharted.

So I'm finding this insane. Check out the comments in r/comicbooks on the Bloodshot movie poster: I actually found this to be very reminiscent of the early days of Valiant comics in the 90's. Before the Unity cross-over, I would talk to people about Valiant comics, but fans and those in the industry that were all in for Marvel and DC would usually just talk shit about Valiant, or just say that it looked bad. After Unity, everyone was chasing them, but the hate was still around with some, of course. Just figured I would share my thoughts. had to sort of vent after reading some of those comments. Crazy! Do a video on how all comics channels post content about the same character or event at the same time EXPLAINED.

I remember years ago when i was little buying the first issue if Bloodshot comicbook, cuz it had a chromium cover. 🤣. Bloodshot trailer cz. Got to do this more often = I can do this all day. Jumanji? I thought it'd be the origin of Hereditary.

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