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. directors=Alex Thompson. Genre=Drama. William Drain. Writed by=Kelly O'Sullivan. description=Saint Frances is a movie starring Kelly O'Sullivan, Charin Alvarez, and Braden Crothers. After an accidental pregnancy turned abortion, a deadbeat nanny finds an unlikely friendship with the six-year old she's charged with. Saint francis high school. Saint francis church. Saint frances academy football.

Saint francis mychart tulsa. Saint francesco. How can you recruit anyone and still lose img needs to step it up. Saint frances cabrini parish aliquippa pa. Saint Frances Reviews Movie Reviews By Reviewer Type All Critics Top Critics All Audience Verified Audience November 1, 2019 It's a much more empathetic and truly non-judgmental film than I expected, less about what choices women make, and more about the importance of women supporting each other no matter which choices they make. May 23, 2019 Tonally delicate and loving towards every single one of its characters, it's the kind of indie that gives indie movies a good name. May 20, 2019 [Kelly] O'Sullivan shows incredible promise in not only slowly building her characters, but humanizing them. May 16, 2019. if the creases show, it's [Ramona Edith] Williams' doe-eyed, aw-shucks performance that will likely iron this out for audiences. April 1, 2019 In the most deft, nimble way, Saint Frances offers a winning story while getting behind a laundry list of important feminist issues, including postpartum depression and the efficacy of women dating younger men. March 19, 2019 Naturally, it's a film you'll be eager to share with others yourself. March 18, 2019 Saint Frances, from Alex Thompson and Kelly O'Sullivan, will take you through an entire journey of emotion, it's so insightful and eloquent and respectful and painful and affirming. Both a beautifully specific character study and something that has resonance beyond the demographic of its cast. March 17, 2019 With charming performances, Saint Frances is a small little indie film from Chicago that manages to tackle some serious issues. March 11, 2019 The film has enough modest charms to connect with audiences similarly navigating the bridge between youthful detachment and grounded adulthood.

Saint frances animal shelter. Saint frances cabrini church. Thanks for the knowledge. Blake Curom is a badass. Saint francis of assisi frisco. Saint frances. Saint francis hospital roslyn new york. Saint francis hospital hartford ct. From TimeTravelResearchCenter Website - Did time travelers visit the earths past? The evidence is overwhelming. Who left the modern shoe prints found in stone more than 200 million years before man appeared and dinosaurs roamed the planet. Who left the metallic spheres found in South Africa. obviously made by man. but more than two billion years before man evolved on the earth. Did modern humans meet their untimely death to have their remains preserved in the earth, hundreds of thousands of years before possible? From where, or perhaps "when. were advanced civilizations visiting our past thousands and millions of years before man appeared on the earth? Explore the Possibilities and the fascinating scientific evidence. These pages contain just the surface of the forbidden knowledge being hidden and protected today. knowledge that suggests a strong possibility that our views of human origins are either incorrect. or maybe that time travelers have already visited Earths past. The False Front Temporal anomalies are scattered throughout the world. things that could not possibly belong to the time period in which they were found. Evidence exists of human civilization, artifacts and technology out of time that are abundant, well researched and well documented. This forbidden knowledge is being protected and hidden from all of us. Todays popular view of modern human presence in the distant past is a false front. The real truth is out there showing proof of advanced technology and people millions of years before humanity is stated to have evolved on the planet. Why has the scientific establishment and government suppressed and ignored these remarkable finds? Where did they come from? How did they get there? Why are we suppressing this suggestive proof of modern time travelers visiting our past? As you study the forbidden knowledge on these pages a whole new truth will emerge and become apparent to you. the truth that the earth was visited or inhabited by modern humans using advanced technology long before the appearance of the first humans as the history books write today. The chart above presents the accepted scientific view of evolution on this planet. It shows human beings appearing on the earth about 1. 6 million years ago, and human civilization just 10, 000 years ago. However, using accepted scientific methods numerous finds show conclusive proof of modern humans and advanced civilizations present or visiting the earths past long before this timeline represents as possible. The proof is shocking! Scientific proof of visitors, possibly time travelers, long before civilized man evolved on the planet. From where, or perhaps "when. were advanced civilizations visiting our past thousands or millions of years before man appeared on the earth? As we move further back in time through the different eras, you will see evidence continue to grow. evidence showing proof of modern humans and technology in the distant past. Cenozoic Era Proof The Cenozoic Era is last of the five major eras of geologic time, beginning about 65 million years ago and extending through the present. It follows the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era and is subdivided into the Tertiary period and the Quaternary period. Features of Tertiary times are considered in articles under the names of the various shorter time periods (epochs) making up the Tertiary period; in order, from earliest to latest, these are the Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, and Pliocene. The accepted scientific view of evolution in the Cenozoic Era shows human beings appearing on the earth about 1. Yet the scientific finds presented below present a very shocking and different story. Pleistocene Epoch Finds - Copper Coin from Illinois, over 200, 000 years old This rendition of a coin-like object, from a well boring near Lawn Ridge, Illinois, was found at a depth of about 114 feet below the surface. According to the information supplied by the Illinois State Geological Survey, the deposits containing the coin are between 200, 000 and 400, 000 years old. Who left this coin hundreds of thousands of years before civilized man evolved. Modern Human Skeleton from Tanzania, over 800, 000 years old In 1913 Professor Hans Reck, of Berlin University, conducted investigations at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, then German East Africa. During his stay at Olduvai Gorge, Reck found a modern human skeleton that remains a source of mystery and controversy to this day. This modern skull is from a fully human skeleton found that year. The human skeletal remains, including this complete skull, were cemented in the rock and had to be chipped with hammers and chisels. It was found in the upper end of a rock bed dated at more than 1, 000, 000 years old. How did this modern human find his way 1, 000, 000 years into the past. Willendorf Venus Statue, over 30, 000 years old The Willendorf Venus, from Europe, dated at 30, 000 years old. Who created or left this artifact nearly 20, 000 years before human civilization appeared. Modern Human Skull in Buenos Aires, over 1, 000, 000 years old In 1896, workers excavating a dry dock in Buenos Aires found a modern human skull. The Pre-Ensenadan stratum in which the Buenos Aires skull was found is a least 1. 0 - 1. 5 million years old. Even at 1 million years the presence of a fully modern human skull anywhere in the world is highly anomalous. Why and how did a modern human arrive in Buenos Aires over 1, 000, 000 years ahead of its time? Pliocene Epoch Finds - Figurines from Nampa, Idaho, about 2 million years old A small human image, skillfully formed in clay, was found in 1889 at Nampa, Idaho. The figurine came from the the 300-foot level of a well boring and dated to be of the Plio-Pleistocene age, about 2 million years old. G. F. Wright noted, The image is about an inch and a half long; and remarkable for the perfection with which it represents the human form. It was a female figure, and had the lifelike lineaments in the parts which were finished that would do credit to the classic centers of art. Upon showing the object to Professor F. W. Putnam. wrote Wright, he at once directed attention to the character of the incrustations of iron upon the surface as indicative of a relic of considerable antiquity. There were patches of anhydrous red oxide of iron in protected places upon it, such as could not have been formed upon any fraudulent object. Humans had not even evolved on this planet two million years ago. So who created or left this artifact in earths distant past. Modern Human Skull found in Italy, over 3 - 4 million years old Late in the summer of 1860, Professor Giuseppe Ragazzoni, a geologist and teacher at the Technical Institute of Brescia, traveled to the nearby locale of Castenedolo, about 10 kilometers southeast of Brescia, to gather fossil shells in the Pliocene strata exposed in a pit at the base of a low hill, the Colle de Vento. Here he discovered this remarkable and anatomically modern human skull. The stratum from which it was taken is assigned to the Astian stage of the Pliocene. According to modern authorities, the Astian belongs to the Middle Pliocene, which would give the skull an age of 3 - 4 million years. Why and how did this modern human visit Italy nearly two million years before human beings walked the planet. Carved Shell from the Red Crag, England, between 2. 0 and 2. 5 million years old In a report delivered to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1881, H. Stopes, F. S. Fellow of the Geological Society) described a shell, the surface of which bore a carving of a crude but unmistakably human face. The carved shell was found in the stratified deposits of the Red Crag. The Red Crag, part of which is called the Walton Crag, is dated to be of Late Pliocene age between 2. This find would place intelligent beings in England as far back as 2. 0 million and maybe as much as 2. 5 million years ago. One should keep in mind that in terms of conventional paleoanthropoligical opinion, one does not encounter such works of art until the time of fully modern Cro-Magnon man in the Late Pleistocene, about 30, 000 years ago. What visitor to Earths distant past carved and left this shell? Eocene Epoch Finds - Chalk Ball near Laon, France, 45 - 55 million years old The April 1862 edition of The Geologist included an English translation of an intriguing report by Maximilien Melleville, the vice president of the Societe Academique of Laon, France. This chalk ball was discovered in an Early Eocene lignite bed. On the basis of its stratigraphic position, is has been assigned a date of 45 - 55 million years ago. According to Melleville, there was no possibility that the chalk ball was a forgery: It really is penetrated over four-fifths of its height by a black bituminous color that merges toward the top into a yellow circle, and which is evidently due to the contact of the lignite in which it had been for so long a time plunged. The upper part, which was in contact with the shell bed, on the contrary has preserved its natural color. the dull white of the chalk. As to the rock in which it was found, I can affirm that it is perfectly virgin, and presents no trace whatever of any ancient exploitation. As extraordinary as it might seem to those attached to standard evolutionary views, the evidence associated in this find suggest that if humans made the ball, they must have been in France 45 - 55 million years ago. Who made and left this man made artifact in our past long before human evolution. even before grazing and carnivorous mammals walked the planet. Mortar and Pestle in California, up to 55 million years old In 1877 Mr. J. H. Neale was superintendent of the Montezuma Tunnel Company, and ran the Montezuma tunnel into the gravel underlying the lava of Table Mountain, Tuolumne County. At a distance of between 1400 and 1500 feet from the mouth of the tunnel, or of between 200 and 300 feet beyond the edge of the solid lava, Mr. Neale saw several spear-heads of some dark rock and nearly one foot in length. On exploring further, he himself found a small mortar three or four inches in diameter and of irregular shape. This was discovered within a foot or two of the spear-heads. He then found a large well-formed pestle and near by a large and very regular mortar. All of these relics were found the same afternoon, and were all within a few feet of one another and close to the bed-rock, perhaps within a foot of it. Mr. Neale declares that it is utterly impossible that these relics can have reached the position in which they were found excepting at the time the gravel was deposited, and before the lava cap formed. The position of the artifacts in gravel close to the bed-rock at Tuolumne Table Mountain indicates they were 33-55 million years old. Grazing and carnivorous mammals had not even evolved on the planet at this time. So who brought and left behind these artifacts in California nearly 50 million years ago. Sling Stone from Bramford, England, 5 - 50 million years old This sling stone is from the detritus bed beneath the Red Crag at Bramford, England. At least Pliocene in age, the stone is at least 5 million and possibly up to 50 million years old. Upon examination it was obvious that the stone had been shaped by the hand of man. The whole surface. has been scraped with a flint, in such a way that it is covered with a series of facets running fairly regularly from end to end. The scraping described above covers the whole surface of the object, and penetrates into its irregularities. As it stands the object is entirely artificial. yet left in a time millions of years before humans had had even evolved on the Earth. Mesozoic Era Proof The Mesozoic Era is one of the major divisions of geological history, following the Paleozoic era and preceding the Cenozoic era. The Mesozoic era, which lasted from approximately 240 million to 65 million years ago, may be characterized as the Age of Reptiles because their greatest development occurred during this era. The first birds and mammals and the first flowering plants also appeared at this time. The Mesozoic era is divided into three time periods: the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. As we move back into time we enter a period in the Mesozoic Era that began with the first dinosaurs appearing on the earth and ending with the development of flowering plants. Humans wouldnt evolve for at least another 136 million years. Yet the scientific finds below suggest proof that advanced civilizations were visiting Earths past and walking at a time when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Cretaceous Period - Metallic Tube at Saint-Jean de Livet, France over 65 million years old Y. Druet and H. Salfati announced in 1968 the discovery of semi-ovoid metallic tubes of identical shape but varying size in Cretaceous chalk. The chalk bed, exposed in a quarry at Saint-Jean de Livet, France, is estimated to be least 65 million years old. Triassic Period - Shoe Sole from Nevada, dated at 213 - 248 million years ago On October 8, 1922, the American Weekly section of the New York Sunday American ran a prominent feature titled " Mystery of the Petrified Shoe Sole. by Dr. Ballou. Ballou wrote: Some time ago, while he was prospecting for fossils in Nevada, John T. Reid, a distinguished mining engineer and geologist, stopped suddenly and looked down in utter bewilderment and amazement at a rock near his feet. For there, a part of the rock itself, was what seemed to be a human footprint! Closer inspection showed that it was not a mark of a naked foot, but was, apparently, a shoe sole which had been turned into stone. The forepart was missing. But there was the outline of at least two-thirds of it, and around this outline ran a well-defined sewn thread which had, it appeared, attached the welt to the sole. Further on was another line of sewing, and in the center, where the foot would have rested had the object really been a shoe sole, there was an indentation, exactly such as would have been made by the bone of the heel rubbing upon and wearing down the material of which the sole had been made. Reid got hold of a microphotographer and an analytical chemist of the Rockefeller Institute, who made photos and analyses of the specimen. The analyses removed any doubt of the shoe sole having been subjected to Triassic fossilization. The microphoto magnifications are twenty times larger than the specimen itself, showing the minutest detail of thread twist and warp, proving conclusively that the shoe sole is not a resemblance, but is strictly the handiwork of man. Even to the naked eye the threads can be seen distinctly, along with the definitely symmetrical outlines of the shoe sole. Inside this rim and running parallel to it is a line which appears to be regularly perforated as if for stitches. The Triassic rock bearing the fossil shoe sole is now recognized as being dated at 213 - 248 million years old. An obviously modern shoe, complete with stitching, and etched in time in ancient Triassic rock. What modern visitor was walking in our distant past more than 210 million years ago before the age of the dinosaurs? Paleozoic Era Proof The Paleozoic Era is a major division of geological time, preceded by Precambrian time and followed by the Mesozoic era, and including the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, and Permian periods. The Paleozoic Era began about 570 million years ago and ended about 240 million years ago. As we move back even further in time we enter this period of the Paleozoic Era where life was evolving from primitive, multicellular, free-floating forms in the sea to advanced groups on land. The most advanced life forms at the end of this period where amphibians, insects, fern forests, and small reptiles. Humans would not evolve for nearly another 300 million years. Yet the scientific finds below again suggest even more strongly that modern humans with advanced technology were visiting Earths past and walking at a time when the first life forms were just beginning to emerge on our planet. Carboniferous Period - Gold Thread in England, between 320 - 360 million years old On June 22, 1844, this curious report appeared in the London Times: A few days ago, as some workmen were employed in quarrying a rock close to the Tweed about a quarter of a mile below Rutherford-mill, a gold thread was discovered embedded in the stone at a depth of eight feet. Dr. A. Medd of the British Geological Survey wrote in 1985 that this stone is of Early Carboniferous age between 320 and 360 million years old. Who dropped this gold thread in the ancient fern forests in a distant time when the most advanced life forms on the planet where amphibians and insects. Gold Chain from Morrisonville, Illinois, 260 - 320 million years old On June 11, 1891, The Morrisonville Times reported: A curious find was brought to light by Mrs. Culp last Tuesday morning. As she was breaking a lump of coal preparatory to putting it in the scuttle, she discovered, as the lump fell apart, embedded in a circular shape a small gold chain about ten inches in length of antique and quaint workmanship. At first Mrs. Culp thought the chain had been dropped accidentally in the coal, but as she undertook to lift the chain up, the idea of its having been recently dropped was at once made fallacious, for as the lump of coal broke it separated almost in the middle, and the circular position of the chain placed the two ends near to each other, and as the lump separated, the middle of the chain became loosened while each end remained fastened to the coal. The lump of coal from which this chain was taken is supposed to come from the Taylorville or Pana mines (southern Illinois) and almost hushes ones breath with mystery when it is thought for how many long ages the earth has been forming strata after strata which hid the golden links from view. The chain was an eight-carat gold and weighed eight penny-weights. The Illinois State Geological Survey has said the coal in which the gold chain was found is 260 - 320 million years old. This raises the possibility that culturally advanced human beings were present or visiting in North America during that time. How did this gold chain find itself left behind in Earths distant past more than a quarter of a billion years before humans had evolved. Carved Stone near Webster, Iowa, 260 - 320 million years old The April 2, 1897 edition of the Daily News of Omaha, Nebraska, carried an article titled " Carved Stone Buried in a Mine. which described an object from a mine near Webster City, Iowa. The article stated: While mining coal today in the Lehigh coal mine, at a depth of 130 feet, one of the miners came upon a piece of rock which puzzles him and he was unable to account for its presence at the bottom of the coal mine. The stone is of a dark grey color and about two feet long, one foot wide and four inches in thickness. Over the surface of the stone, which is very hard, lines are drawn at angles forming perfect diamonds. The center of each diamond is a fairly good face of an old man having a peculiar indentation in the forehead that appears in each of the pictures, all of them being remarkably alike. Of the faces, all but two are looking to the right. Was this stone carved and left behind by a traveler from earths future. Iron Cup from Oklahoma Coal Mine, 312 million years old On November 27, 1948 the following statement was made by Frank J. Kenwood in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. "While I was working in the Municipal Electric Plant in Thomas, Oklahoma in 1912, I came upon a solid chunk of coal which was too large to use. I broke it with a sledge hammer. This iron pot fell from the center leaving the impression mould of the pot in the piece of coal. Jim Stall (an employee of the company) witnessed the breaking of the coal, and saw the pot fall out. I traced the source of the coal, and found that it came from the Wilburton, Oklahoma, Mines. According to Robert O. Fay of the Oklahoma Geological Survey, the Wilburton mine coal is about 312 million years old. What advanced civilization or visitor was creating or using iron pots in our past more than 300 million years ago. Block Wall in an Oklahoma Mine, at least 286 million years old W. McCormick of Abilene, Texas, reported his grandfathers account of a stone block wall that was found deep within a coal mine: In the year 1928, I, Atlas Almon Mathis, was working in coal mine No. 5., located two miles north of Heavener, Oklahoma. This was a shaft mine, and they told us it was two miles deep. The mine was so deep that they let us down into it on an elevator. They pumped air down to us, it was so deep. One evening, Mathis was blasting coal loose by explosives in "room 24" of this mine. "The next morning. said Mathis, there were several concrete blocks laying in the room. These blocks were 12-inch cubes and were so smooth and polished on the outside that all six sides could serve as mirrors. Yet they were full of gravel, because I chipped one of them open with my pick, and it was plain concrete inside. Mathis added: As I started to timber the room up, it caved in; and I barely escaped. When I came back after the cave-in, a solid wall of these polished blocks was left exposed. About 100 to 150 yards farther down our air core, another miner struck this same wall, or one very similar. The coal in the mine was Carboniferous, which would mean the wall was at least 286 million years old. According to Mathis, the mining company officers immediately pulled the men out of the mine and forbade them to speak about what they had seen. Mathis said the Wilburton miners also told of finding "a solid block of silver in the shape of a barrel. with the prints of the staves on it. in an area of coal dating between 280 and 320 million years ago. What advance civilization built this wall. Why was the truth, as is so many of these cases protected and hidden. What is the real truth about time travelers, modern humans, and modern technology in our past. Hieroglyphics in Ohio Coal Mine, 260 million year old It is reported that James Parsons, and his two sons, exhumed a slate wall in a coal mine at Hammondville, Ohio, in 1868. It was a large smooth wall, disclosed when a great mass of coal fell away from it, and on its surface, carved in bold relief, were several lines of hieroglyphics. Who carved these hieroglyphics more than 250 years before humans walked the earth? Devonian Period - Nail in Devonian Sandstone, between 360 and 408 million years old In 1844, Sir David Brewster reported that a nail had been discovered firmly embedded in a block of sandstone from the Kingoodie ( Mylnfield) Quarry in North Britain.  Dr. Medd of the British Geological Survey recently indicated that this sandstone is of " Lower Old Red Sandstone age. Devonian, between 360 and 408 million years old. In his report to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Brewster stated: The particular block in which the nail was found, was nine inches thick, and in proceeding to clear the rough rock for dressing, the point of the nail was found projecting about half an inch (quite eaten with rust) into the till, the rest of the nail lying along the surface of the stone to within an inch of the head, which went right down into the body of the stone. The fact that the head of the nail was buried in the sandstone block would seem to rule out the possibility the nail had been pounded into the block after it was quarried. This was a time where amphibians and insects were the only dominant life form on our planet. So who dropped this nail to have it eventually preserved in rock at a time more than 350 million years before humans appeared? Cambrian Period - Shoe Print in Utah Shale, 505 to 590 Million Years Old In 1968, William J. Meister, a draftsman and amateur trilobite collector, reported finding a shoe print in the Wheeler Shale near Antelope Spring, Utah. This shoe-like indentation and its cast were revealed when Meister split open a block of shale. Clearly visible within the imprint were the remains of trilobites, extinct marine arthropods. The shale holding the print and the trilobite fossils is from the Cambrian, and would thus be 505 to 590 million years old. Meister described the ancient shoe-like impression in an article that appeared in the Creation Research Society Quarterly: The heel print was indented in the rock about an eighth of an inch more than the sole. The footprint was clearly that of the right foot because the sandal was well worn on the right side of the heel in the characteristic fashion. At this time in our planets history there was no plant or animal life on the land, even the most early types of fish swimming in the seas had not yet evolved. It must have been a very barren landscape that this visitor to Earths past saw as he walked the land. How did he arrive so far into our past? Pre-Cambrian Period - Metallic Vase from Pre-Cambrian Rock, over 600 Million Years Old The following report, titled " A Relic of a Bygone Age. appeared in the magazine Scientific American (June 5, 1852. A few days ago a powerful blast was made in the rock at Meeting House Hill, in Dorchester, a few rods south of Rev. Hall s meeting house. The blast threw out an immense mass of rock, some of the pieces weighing several tons, and scattered fragments in all directions. Among them was picked a metallic vessel in two parts, rent asunder by the explosion. On putting the parts together it formed a bell-shaped vessel, 4-1/2 inches high, 6-1/2 inches at the base, 2-1/2 inches at the top, and about an eighth of an inch in thickness. The body of this vessel resembles zinc in color, or a composition metal, in which there is a considerable portion of silver. On the side there are six figures of a flower, or bouquet, beautifully inlaid with pure silver, and around the lower part of the vessel a vine, or wreath, also inlaid with silver. The chasing, carving, and inlaying are exquisitely done by the art of some cunning workman. This curious and unknown vessel was blown out of the solid pudding stone, fifteen feet below the surface. According to a recent U. Geological Survey map of the Boston-Dorchester area, the pudding stone, now called the Roxbury conglomerate, is of Precambrian age, over 600 million years old. By standard accounts, life was just beginning to form on this planet during the Precambrian. But in the Dorchester vessel we have evidence indicating the presence of artistic metal workers in North America over 600 million years before Leif Erikson. At this time in our planets history the was no life on land, plant or animal. The most advance life-form at this barren time in our planets history was simple algae floating in the seas. Yet somehow through time this beautiful work or art was brought and left behind and eventually buried and preserved in ancient rock. Did a time traveler from the earths future leave this behind in the hopes of later discovery. in an attempt to help ensure that the truth about time travel would one day be revealed. Grooved Sphere from South Africa, 2. 8 Billion Years Old Over the past several decades, South African miners have found hundreds of metallic spheres, at least one of which has three parallel grooves running around its equator. The spheres are of two types "one of solid bluish metal with white flecks, and another which is a hollow ball filled with a white spongy center. Roelf Marx, curator of the museum of Klerksdorp, South Africa, where some of the spheres are housed, said: The spheres are a complete mystery. They look man-made, yet at the time in Earths history when they came to rest in this rock no intelligent life existed. The globes are found in pyrophyllite, which is mined near the little town of Ottosdal in the Western Transvaal. This pyrophyllite is a quite soft secondary mineral with a count of only 3 on the Mohs scale and was formed by sedimentation about 2. 8 billion years ago. On the other hand the globes are very hard and cannot be scratched, even by steel. The sphere with the three parallel grooves around it are too perfect to be anything but man made. The Precambrian mineral deposit where the globes are found is dated to be at least 2. 8 billion years old. At this time simple microscopic cells were all that was alive on the earth. But this is obviously not true. Who created or left behind these magnificent spheres. Obviously man made, and stronger than steel, what was their purpose for the people who visited and left them behind in time? Other Finds - Artifacts From AIX En Provence, France In his book Mineralogy, Count Bournon recorded an intriguing discovery that had been made by French workmen in the latter part of the eighteenth century. Bournon wrote: During the years 1786, 1787, and 1788, they were occupied near AIX en Provence, in France, in quarrying stone for the rebuilding, upon a vast scale, of the Palace of Justice. The stone was a limestone of deep grey, and of that kind which are tender when they come out of the quarry, but harden by exposure to the air. The strata were separated from one another by a bed of sand mixed with clay, more or less calcareous. The first which were wrought presented no appearance of any foreign bodies, but, after the workmen had removed the ten first beds, they were astonished, when taking away the eleventh, to find its inferior surface, at the depth of forty or fifty feet, covered with shells. The stone of this bed having been removed, as they were taking away a stratum of argillaceous sand, which separated the eleventh bed from the twelfth, they found stumps of columns and fragments of stone half wrought, and the stone was exactly similar to that of the quarry: they found moreover coins, handles of hammers, and other tools or fragments of tools in wood. But that which principally commanded their attention, was a board about one inch thick and seven or eight feet long; it was broken into many pieces, of which none were missing, and it was possible to join them again one to another, and to restore to the board or plate its original form, which was that of the boards of the same kind used by the masons and quarry men: it was worn in the same manner, rounded and waving upon the edges. Count Bournon, continuing his description, stated: The stones which were completely or partly wrought, had not at all changed in their nature, but the fragments of the board, and the instruments, and pieces of instruments of wood, had been changed into agate, which was very fine and agreeably colored. Here then, we have the traces of a work executed by the hand of man, placed at a depth of fifty feet, and covered with eleven beds of compact limestone: everything tended to prove that this work had been executed upon the spot where the traces existed. The presence of man had then preceded the formation of this stone. Letter-like Shapes in Marble, Philadelphia In 1830, letter-like shapes were discovered within a solid block of marble from a quarry 12 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The marble block was taken from a depth of 60-70 feet. This was reported in the American Journal of Science (vol. 19, 1831, p. 361. The quarry workers removed layers of gneiss, mica slate, hornblende, talcose slate, and primitive clay slate before coming to the layer from which the block containing the letter-like shapes were cut. While they were sawing through the block, the workmen happened to notice a rectangular indentation, about 1. 5 inches wide by. 625 inches high, displaying two raised characters. Several respectable gentlemen from nearby Norristown, Pennsylvania, were called to the scene and inspected the object. It is hard to explain the formation of the characters as products of natural physical processes. This suggests the characters were made by intelligent humans in the distant past.

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It was originally written in French here This post has 3 sections: One highlighting the Minnow of this round One describing the upsets that happened during this round One organised by division where each game is described a bit with either an anecdote, a quote, etc. and most of the time, a video summary of the game on the first line. Games are described once or twice but from a different perspective each time. Unfortunately, i couldn't go into details for certain matchs because of the character limit "Petit Poucet" Minnow) and Overseas Territory Given the impossibility of organizing promotions/relegations with the national pyramid in mainland France, the highest division on the Reunion Island (sometime called Division d'Honneur of Réunion) is equivalent to Regional Division 1 (tier 6. All clubs at regional level and below have been eliminated during the previous rounds, hence why JS Saint-Pierroise is considered the smallest club of this round and that what should have been two sections of this post are merged into one for this round JS Saint-Pierroise, nicknamed les cigognes (storks) is one of the biggest clubs on the Réunion Island. They won in December their fifth consecutive league, the 21st in their history, they are the most successful club on the island with also 11 cups (second behind AS Saint-louisienne at 12. It is also the only club to have never been relegated. Jean-Michel Fontaine (captain and striker. We've won everything here" To make a parallel, JS Saint-Pierroise is to the Reunionese league what PSG or OM is to Ligue 1 However, the budget of this club is in no way comparable to the one of these two clubs, with 400 members, the JSSP benefits from the infrastructures and subsidies (375k) of the municipality of Saint-Pierre. Luçay Arayapin (president of the JSSP. This represents 70% of our budget. The rest comes from the sponsors and to a lesser extent from the 700 to 800 spectators who come to each match" 1] JSSP have seen coming through their academy the capped-at-international level: Guillaume Hoarau, Dimitri Payet and Florent Sinama-Pongolle Jean-Michel Fontaine: Florent Sinama-Pongolle played with us at the beginning of the season, we text each other, we phone each other, he came to see us play at Niort, he's a great friend" Half of the first team came though the academy, the rest either come from other clubs on the island or are Malgasi internationals The black and white jersey of the club was also worn for a short time by Jean-Pierre Papin, Roger Milla, Djibril Cissé before their retirement. In the previous round, JS Saint-Pierroise managed the feat of beating Chamois Niortais (L2) in the round of 64 (2-1) thus becoming only the second club from an overseas territory to reach the round of 32 of the Coupe de France after Geldar de Kourou in 1989 and thus the first Reunionese club at this stage of the competition. With this massive achievement for the island, even some Excelsior St-Joseph fans support the JSSP for the round of 32 Louis, a fervent supporter of AS Excelsior St. Joseph: If it had been the Excelsior, it would have been good, but St. Pierre represents Reunion Island well" The municipality of Saint-Pierre has installed a fan zone in front of the town hall, with a giant screen to follow the game A sega, a traditional music, was composed for the occasion. The song tells the epic story of the cigognes. It is hummed a lot, with this refrain: Gout anou. As provided for in the competition rules and from the round of 64 onwards (doesn't apply before, N1 to N3 clubs can have to travel away in a overseas territory) the overseas club is bound to play away at the other club's grounds regardless of the order of the draw. Jean-Michel Fontaine: It's a shame for the Reunionese that we can not bring big clubs of the French championship to Reunion Island" on the other hand: Playing at the Velodrome in Marseille or the Parc des Princes in Paris would be a dream" The players therefore spent a week training in the Paris region ( a small documentary following the players by RMC) before going to the region of Les Vosges to face SAS Épinal, sixth in group A in National 2 (4th tier) a trickier game than might be assumed for the regional newspaper Many fans from La Réunion made the trip, others followed the game from the Fan Zone of Saint-Pierre At the start of the match, the Reunionese had some opportunities with a header around the penalty spot and a shot from range 15th minute, Jean-Michel Fontaine throws himself, late and commits a foul on the spinalian player Abdou Niang, the latter will go out on stretcher for an open injury, the referee will show the red to the captain of the JSSP who had no intention of hurting but recognize that the referee had no other choice than to give a red, the player also knows that he may have ruined his team's chances when interviwed after the fact: Jean-Michel Fontaine: It spoils everything, my game and my friends' game, I hope they'll hold on" Christian Daffreville, the team's coach, was described by his players as someone who always advocate to play beautiful, attacking football, but he will have to be more pragmatic now that his team is 10 vs 11 Before halftime, the Spinalians start to dominate the game and get a long shot and a one-on-one but the Malagasy international (1app) goalkeeper of the JSSP, Ibrahima Dabo makes the needed saves, still 0-0 at the break Some Reunionese fans understand the red, for others the decision is tough to swallow, but they still remain confident After the break, the Saint-Pierrois players hold on thanks to a great discipline and a solid organisation and especially to Ibrahima Dabo who continues his excellent performance with a lot of other saves, which allows them to reach extra time During the extra-time half, questioned at this point in the match, Arayapin (president of JSSP) says "an injustice, Fontaine probably didn't deserve the red. But we'll deal with it, maybe the injustice will be paid at the end. We've already won with 9 and we'll win with 10" At the 117th minute, corner for Épinal shot low by Borodine, nobody manages to clear the ball which reaches Adel Berkane who volleys in and gives the qualification to SAS Épinal For the local paper: Huge disappointment for the people of the Reunion Island who still remain very proud of their team. Their great adventure ends in the round of 32 Ibrahima Dabo: There were three minutes left to go. We played with the heart, we thought it would be enough, but it wasn't. Gérard Hubert: It's a pity to lose on a set-piece because we worked on that in training. We deserved to get to the penalties. It was a great adventure until today. Upsets Girondins de Bordeaux were drawned against Pau FC, which constitutes an Aquitaine derby, both clubs made their new partnership to grow football in the region, official just before the match The pitch at the Hameau stadium, which usually hosts Pau's Top 14 rugby team, was rough ( sending pros to a pitch like this, it should be forbidden" for pleasedontPM) Dominating in ball possession, Paulo Sousa's team are however struggling to really get close to the opposition's goal and this sterile domination is punished by the more efficient Béarnais. From Bayard's off-centered free-kick, a sort of mini-corner, Cafu deflected the ball over to Name, who didn't hesitate and shot from the edge of the box, made the Stade du Hameau ecstatic (1-0, 23rd minute) 42' On yet another cross from Poundje, the most in-form Bordeaux player during the first half, Maja, fighting with Bury, equalizes with a left-footed deflection that surprisingly lobs the opposing goalkeeper (1-1) 44' While the public shout for a penalty following a foul on Bayard, Jarju sneaks in, combines with Sabaly and beats Poussin, totally abandoned by his defense, 2-1 for Pau At half-time, Palois coach Bruno Irles doesn't want his team to back down to avoid having regrets "There's no way we're going to back down" 80' Unable to be dangerous in the game as the end of the match approaches, it's a direct free kick from De Préville, in Bernard's top corner, which will finally allow the Girondins to come back to the score (2-2. 117' It is a few minutes away from a penalty shootout, that Gueye will make his supporters explode with joy: His 20-meter shot, from the center, ends on the inside of the post of Poussin and sends Pau FC in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. To be noted, it was a perfectly executed pass from Bennacer, which was timed perfectly in Gueye's run At the end of extra time, hundreds of Palois fans swarmed onto the pitch to celebrate the qualification AS Nancy Lorraine (professional club currently in the 2nd division) were drawn against ASM Belfort, club of National 2 (4th division) At the time of the draw, the president of ASM Belfort cheekily said: It wasn't the dream match, but it's still a very nice match coming up. It doesn't matter, it leaves the door open to the round of 16. Belfort score first in the 7th minute by Enzo Grasso who takes advantage of a misunderstanding of the opponent's defense Then Malaly Dembelé equalizes for Nancy in the 25th minute from their first shot of the match A little later, Nancy gets a penalty but the young Belfortain goalkeeper, Eddy Ehlinger (barely 18 years old) saves it ASMB then benefit from the expulsion of Nancy striker Dembélé, scorer of the first goal for Nancy, during the second half for a head contact on the Belfortain defender Lucas Cuenin In the 78th minute, Belfort's Régnier, captain and veteran of the Belfortain's team adds a second goal for his team Régnier, even scored a brace with a penalty, 7th goal in the Coupe de France for the one nicknamed "la régnance" For the local paper L'Est Républicain: The Belfortain dream became a sublime reality on Saturday. Supported by an enthusiastic public, the ASMB offered a performance of incredible quality that enabled them to knock Nancy down without the slightest discussion (3-1. Being in the round of 32 of the Coupe de France this year was a first for the club, they will be in the round of 16 Results by Division Ligue 1 It's a record for Ligue 1, with 12 qualified teams, only the second time, there are this many clubs qualified for the round of 32 (the first time being in 1982-1983) 1] Girondins de Bordeaux who are in a results crisis this winter in ligue 1, lost the Aquitaine derby 2 - 3 to third division Pau FC (N1/3rd tier) Paulo Sousa: I have a feeling of shame after this defeat. Not the first time that Bordeaux have been on the wrong end of an upset against an amateur team, they were victims of the historic feat of Calais in 2000, Ile Rousse (N3) in 2014 and Granville (N2) in 2018 (and a lot more between 200 and 2014. Olympique de Marseille faced Granville, club from the 4th division for a remake of a quarter-final of the 2016 French Cup and had to wait for a red card for a player from Grandville in the 75th minute to score, Alvaro Gonzalez scored his first goal with OM) and finally secured victory thanks to a typical Radonjić goal and then a fine strike from Payet in added time. Summary of the match OGC Nice won 2 - 1 against Red Star (N1/3rd tier) In front of the empty stands (6, 387 spectators) the game being original planned to be played in Saint-Ouen, the Niçois bagged the win in three minutes, with goals from Danilo (27th) and Ganago (29th) Red Star only reducing the gap in added time with a goal from an other Nice player (on loan) Yanis Hamache. SCO d'Angers ended the epic run of FC Rouen on a score of 4-1 At the end of a match without huge suspense, the Angevins won by 4 goals to 1. At the break, the score was already 3-1 in favour of the SCO, 1 goal from Alioui and 2 from El Mellali (including a nice lob then a second lob on an unnecessary run from the goalkeeper) and a last one goal from Bahoken. Lille OSC scored a late 2-0 victory over ESM Gonfreville (N3/5th tier) The Dogues wanted "to avoid taking this game lightly. but the Normans fought well. For La Voix du Nord, it was Osimhen who came on the picth around the hour that LOSC needed to unlock this match: This Saturday, the sixteenth final was turned on its head in the second act when Lille hit the gas a second time. This coincided with the entry of Osimhen (61st. The LOSC play gained in percussion and depth, allowing Remy to come out of his invisibility. Bamba's pass was perfectly exploited by the centre-forward: he dribbled past the Norman goalkeeper before concluding from a very tight angle. The Nigerian striker found the breakthrough in added time (0-2, 90th+1st) AS Saint-Étienne had to come back from behind twice to beat Paris FC (L2) and reach the round of 16 for the first time in the last 4 years [Difficult victory for Le Progres in which les verts have been pushed to their limits by a courageous Ligue 2 team who has put up a fight. 2-3) ASSE first conceded on a goal by former PSG player Jeremy Ménez, then had two chances that were squandered by Charles Abi, but Wahbi Khazri, who has just returned from injury, equalised in the first half when Demarconnay misplayed the ball. Pitroipa gave the advantage to PFC but Debuchy gave the victory to les verts, first by offering Charles Abi his first professional goal then by scoring the 3rd goal of the game Puel did not call Timothy Kolodziejczak for this match: You'll see him less and less. Why is that? Because I want to keep the good spirit of the team that I saw tonight (Saturday. You draw the conclusions you want. 1] RC Strasbourg conceded the opening goal and even came close to be 2 goals down at the 32nd minute but won 5 - 1 in the end against Angoulême Charente (N2/4th tier) by scoring their first goal just after a nice save by Mats Selz thanks to 4 goals in 10 minutes just before the break including a goal and two assists from Bellegarde. FC Nantes came back late in the game 1-4 to 3-4 but finally lost on that score against Olympique Lyonnais (L1) OL started off with a goal in the first minute by Rayan Cherki's for his second start, and the youngster even scored a second time in the ninth minute. Renaud Emond put Nantes back in the game (1-2) after receiving a cross delivered by Moses Simon after a good percussion on his side, already 3 goals in 16 minutes. Martin Terrier receives a through pass from Cherki and takes advantage of the space to put Lyon 2 goals ahead again (1-3, 37th. After his 2 goals and his assist, Cherki even got a penalty which he left to Moussa Dembélé, the latter missed it but made up for it by scoring only a minute later. The score is 1-4 but the Nantes team came back at the end of the game in 3 minutes at 3-4 thanks to Imran Louza (2-4, 83rd) then Moses Simon (3-4, 86th) they were close but couldn't get anything more from this game Stade Rennais won 2-0 against Athlético Marseille (N3/5th tier) Hamari Traoré scored his first goal for Rennes from distance and then Raphinha doubled the lead just before half-time by taking advantage of a defensive error. For Julien Stéphan, this National 3 team has "was difficult to beat" For James Lea-Siliki: It's our team's strength, we know how to take hits and then to score when we're least expected, when it hurts our opponents. Dijon FCO was carried by Steph Mavididi, who scored a brace to beat Nimes Olympique (L1) 5-0 For Objectif Gard: Nîmes Olympique has showned all their weaknesses" Stéphen Jobard (DFCO. I'm glad my forwards finally scored" Montpellier HSC easily beat SM Caen (L2) 5 - 0, who were reduced to 10 men before the break while it was already 3-0, with a brace from Andy Delort against his former club On this occasion, Souleymane Camara broke the appearances record for the Hérault club, it was his 430th game Paris Saint-Germain had to wait for Choupo-Moting, author of the pre-assist to score and win 1 - 0 against FC Lorient (L2) For Tuchel: It was a shit match, it's winter, that's how it is" AS Monaco, scored quickly to ensure the win against St-Pryvé St-Hilaire (N2/ 4th tier) final score is 3-1. All the results involving Ligue 1 teams Home vs Away N1 Pau FC 3 - 2 Girondins de Bordeaux L1 N2 Granville 0 - 3 Olympique de Marseille L1 L1 OGC Nice 2 - 1 Red Star FC N1 N3 ESM Gonfreville 0 - 2 Lille OSC L1 L2 Paris FC 2 - 3 AS Saint-Étienne L1 N2 Angoulême Charente FC 1 - 5 RC Strasbourg L1 L1 FC Nantes 3 - 4 Olympique Lyonnais L1 N3 Athlético Marseille 0 - 2 Stade Rennais L1 L1 Dijon FCO 5 - 0 Nimes Olympic L1 N2 Rouen 1 - 4 Angers SCO L1 L1 Montpellier HSC 5 - 0 SM Caen L2 L2 FC Lorient 0 - 1 Paris Saint-Germain L1 N2 St-Pryvé St-Hilaire FC 1 - 3 AS Monaco L1 Ligue 2 All the clubs in Ligue 2 have lost and none will be left in the last 16 of the French Cup, the first time it has happened since its creation in 1933. AS Nancy Lorraine who had eliminated an other club from Belfort (Belfort Sud) in the 7th round, was eliminated on the score of 1 - 3 by ASM Belfort, which plays in N2 (4th division) A match with no more than 50 supporters from Nancy because of a executive order by the territoire Belfort but overturned at the last minute by the Conseil d'Etat After a misunderstanding by the Nancy defence on the opening goal conceded, the Lorrainians came back into the game for an equaliser at their first opportunity, but the expulsion of striker Malaly Dembélé, who had missed a penalty in the meantime, condemned them a little. For the Republican East, This upsets will be difficult to process for ASNL" Paris FC lost (2 - 3) despite leading twice against AS Saint-Étienne (L1) Jérémy Ménez waited until his 12th game to score his first goal for Paris FC, he had still delivered 3 assists before that) and could have even provoked a penalty in that game, unfortunately, the ref didn't see it this way. Demarconnay was unlucky to push the ball back to Kazhri for the equaliser. After the break, Mandouki made a great breakthrough run when he received a though pass and offered the goal to Pitroipa who had followed it up, Ruffier had forgotten to be more aggressive to prevent this run. But with fatigue and after multiple missed clearances throughout the match, the PFC gave in twice. For René Girard, new coach of PFC. If we continue in that spirit, we'll see better days. For Florent Martin: There are encouraging defeats, and this is one of them. We've seen that we were capable of annoying a Ligue 1 team and that's something given our current Ligue 2 ranking. There are a lot of positive things to take away from this match, but also a lot of points to work on. If we conceded three goals, it's because we're making mistakes on our block, and it's up to us to correct them for the rest of the season. Our mistake was to stay lower at 2-1, and physically we felt we had less juice in the last 20-25 minutes. We have to take note of everything and keep the positive from that game. There's a new momentum with the new staff shuffling the cards. Everyone has to show that they can play according to the club's ambitions. Everyone is working for the team. SM Caen was largely beaten 0 - 5 by Montpellier HSC (L1) For Pascal Dupraz. First goal offered to them, second goal offered to them, third goal offered to them, fourth goal offered to them, fifth goal offered to them. A whole gearbox. 1] FC Lorient didn't managed to create an upset against a rotated PSG (L1) losing the game 0-1 For Ouest France, les merlus can come out with their heads held high Christophe Pelissier: They didn't need many chances, that's the thing with very big teams. A new style? Yes, it came to me last Tuesday, the day after our victory against Caen. We worked on it afterwards during the week. PSG's assistant coach told me that we had put them under a lot of pressure. I'm very proud of my players. Home vs Away N2 Belfort 3 - 1 AS Nancy Lorraine L2 L2 Paris FC 2 - 3 AS Saint-Étienne L1 L1 Montpellier HSC 5 - 0 SM Caen L2 L2 FC Lorient 0 - 1 Paris Saint-Germain L1 National 1 Pau FC have led 3 times against Girondins de Bordeaux (L1) to finally win 3-2 in overtime from a long-range shot in the 117th minute in front of more than 15, 000 spectators. For SudOuest: And to think that Bruno Irles doesn't make the French Cup his priority. they are currently 4th in National 1 and are aiming for promotion to Ligue 2) and didn't even field his best team and yet his players gave everything, the captain Mustapha Name having even covered 14. 6km. This feat from the standpoint of the stand Red Star lost 1-2 to OGC Nice (L1) For the Audonian fans: Our match was stolen from us" in reference to the inversion of this match originally planned to be played at the Bauer Stadium which is not up to standard and finally played in Nice Yanis Hamache. We tried to give it all. The coach warned us it was going to be very complicated against a Ligue 1 team. It was a game to reward us for 13 wins in 14 games in the league, just a bonus. Now we're gonna give it all we've got to get to the second tier. Home vs Away N1 Pau FC 3 - 2 Girondins de Bordeaux L1 L1 OGC Nice 2 - 1 Red Star FC N1 National 2 (4th division) SAS Epinal reached the round of 16 of the French Cup for the second time in its history (1st time in 2013) following a victory at the end of extra-time 1 - 0 thanks to a goal by Adel Berkane against JS Saint-Pierroise who were reduced to 10 after the expulsion of their captain in the 15th minute. An immense joy for coach Xavier Collin Deserved joy in the locker room after this difficult qualification In the next round against Lille, the Spinalian president Yves Bailly promises "We're going to do everything we can to play at La Colombière" currently under construction, by installing an additional stand to reach 5000 (usually 7500) 1] US Granville resisted for the first 45 minutes against the Olympique de Marseille, and sometimes thought they could score, but collapsed after Nessemon William Sea received a second yellow card for elbowing Valentin Rongier in the face. The game ended 0-3, the Grandvillais had no legs left. From the point of view of Grandvillais fans Johan Gallon, US Granville coach: I think we were close to something. It's the law of the game, you have to accept that, that's for sure. But I'm proud of the image that we were able to leave tonight. To be able to play like that against a Ligue 1 team is a great thing. When you have a coach like André Villas-Boas who says at the end +Hats of to you+ it's satisfying despite the defeat. The memory is the beautiful game, the stadium full, the family present. But in the end you lost, so it's all over. Everything stops. I didn't achieve what I wanted to do, I'm frustrated and disappointed. ASM Belfort won 3 - 1 against AS Nancy Lorraine Immense joy of all the Belfortain fans on every goal At the end of the match too, carrying their young goalkeeper in triumph or in the locker room with the president after the game Thomas Régnier, Captain of the ASM Belfort: It's the heart that made us win. We played the perfect game. We played better than Nancy. We're happy to please our public. A joy like that, we've never experienced it in Belfort" 1] Rouen. phénix club) who had in the previous rounds eliminated Orléans (L2) then Metz (L1) on the score of 3-0, was finally stopped in their magnificent run 1 - 4 by the SCO d'Angers After scoring against Metz, Fred Dembi, Rouen player had taken off his jersey to pay tribute to Nathaël Julan, who tragically died in a car accident; for removing his jersey, Dembi receives a yellow and was automatically suspended, the player asked the FFF to show clemency and understanding. I'm sad not to be able to play in this 16th final. We're amateurs, that's why we play football! To deprive an amateur player of playing a round of 32 game against a professional team is a pity. I don't think those are the values they want to convey with the Coupe de France" Le Graët himself deeply regrets this decision but the appeals commission rejected the appeal The Diochon stadium was sold out for this match, which makes Stéphane Moulin say: I congratulate them, they were carried away by their latest outstanding results. The players were warned that it would not be a game of pleasure. This team from Rouen is not a National 2 team. It is not a National 2 stadium and it is not a National 2 public. I wish them to achieve their goals and go to National. Surprised by Alioui's opening goal in the fifth minute (0-1) the Rouen team had however managed to equalize through Sidibé, following a free kick by Rogier, badly cleared by Petkovic, under pressure from Sanson (1-1, 13th. Unfortunately, David Giguel's side suffered for their mistakes against Ligue 1's 10th-placed side. El Melali scored a brace in four minutes with a shot into the top corner (1-2, 19th) and a lob from the edge of the area (1-3, 23rd. 1] David Giguel (Rouen coach. We took goals that we weren't used to, whether in the league or the cup. We got into trouble on our own because of these unusual mistakes. Angers deserves to qualify. 1] For Angoulême Charente, the dream lasted only 34 minutes, they could have led 2-0 against RC Strasbourg, but after conceding 4 goals in 10 minutes just before the break, they finally lost (1 - 5) It had been 17 years since the club had faced a ligue 1 team, in 2003. Angouleme had made the perfect start by leading early (6' but the Strasbourg players when they started playing, didn't make many mistakes to lead 4-1 at half-time. After the break, the Charente side defended better, hitting the posts several times but were unable to score, finally conceding a penalty in the 80th minute. Julien Chaumet will kept fond memories of it regardless The club has even done a press release to thank the people of Strasbourg. St-Pryvé St-Hilaire FC lost 1 - 3 against AS Monaco after a 0-3 first half For Carnejy Antoine, goalscorer in the previous round against TéFéCé and again against ASM: We can say we won the second half. The Coupe de France is the little cherry, we had the right to bite into it. Home vs Away N2 US Granville 0 - 3 Olympique de Marseille L1 N2 SAS Epinal 1 - 0 JS Saint-Pierroise DH Reunion N2 Belfort 3 - 1 AS Nancy Lorraine L2 N2 Angoulême Charente FC 1 - 5 RC Strasbourg L1 N2 Rouen 1 - 4 Angers SCO L1 N2 St-Pryvé St-Hilaire FC 1 - 3 AS Monaco L1 National 3 (5th division) National 3 duel between AS Prix-lès-Mézières and Limonest Saint-Didier won by the away team Limonest on a difficult field 1-0 thanks to a new goal by Evan Rouvière The club in which Sidney Govou still plays at amateur level continues the best run of their history by winning 1-0, Huge joy for the players ESM Gonfreville who reached for the first time in its history the round of 32 of the Coupe de France, lost 0 - 2 in the end against Lille OSC, having resisted for an hour thanks to multiple saves by their goalkeeper Yoann Blin Rachid Hamzaoui (coach of Gonfreville-l'Orcher. We thought we had to hold on at the beginning and that we'd have situations at the end of the game. It's the other way round. There was such a difference that the further the game went, the harder it became for us. For Michel Garcia, the president of the club: I'm very disappointed by these people. Not just by the behaviour of their team, on how to celebrate the first goal. The people of LOSC are not Northerners. We normally have a rather positive image, a reputation for warmth between people, but there's nothing like that. There was no presentation to the president, who I am, no contact, just a representative of the club, who is a former player, rather reserved and not really in his place, even though he can't be blamed for anything. That's not how I see the exchanges, the relationship between people. Even if LOSC redistributes the money to other amateur clubs in the area, they could have cut the cake not by five, but by six, Gonfreville is an amateur club too. But no" 1] Athletico Marseille, club in which plays, the rather technical player Driss Zidane, Zinédine's nephew, lost 0 - 2 against Stade Rennais in a match interrupted by excesses of the Marseille supporters which forced Mamadou Niang, former OM player and Athletico's sports director to intervene For their coach Fouzari: Throwing bottles and firecrackers is not football" 1] Home vs Away N3 Prix-lès-Mézières 0 - 1 FC Limonest Saint-Didier N3 N3 ESM Gonfreville 0 - 2 Lille OSC L1 N3 Athlético Marseille 0 - 2 Stade Rennais L1 Round of 16 draw Home Away N2 Belfort Montpellier HSC L1 L1 Angers SCO Stade Rennais L1 N3 FC Limonest Saint-Didier Dijon FCO L1 L1 AS Monaco AS Saint-Étienne L1 N2 SAS Epinal Lille OSC L1 N1 Pau FC Paris Saint-Germain L1 L1 Olympique de Marseille RC Strasbourg L1 L1 OGC Nice Olympique Lyonnais L1.

Saint frances de chantal church wantagh. Saint frances academy. I have nothing against white people, but why is it that anytime a movie is made about a minority or POC they are paired with a white person. We need stop making it seem like when it comes to minorities we can't love each other or maintain each others needs.

Hi again r/soccer. We're here for the second part and will talk about how PSG became a football giant in the European continent despite some severe setbacks. Buckle up, boys and girls. We're going full remontadas. You can find the first part, about how and why QSI bought Paris Saint-Germain in 2011, here. The football side: how (not) to win a UEFA Champions League Nasser al-Khelaifi provokes a buzz when QSI buys Paris Saint-Germain by announcing two ambitions: to win the UCL in five years, and to find the new Lionel Messi. For this, they are ready to invest up to 100 million euros in the club (remember that at this time, the all-time transfer record was Cristinao Ronaldo for 94M to Real Madrid in 2009, which was considered outrageous. Though, arguably, these two objectives were not attained (depends how you rate Kylian Mbappé* I suppose) PSG still became the top French club by far and I'm sure many non-French football fans learned of the existence of the club after the buyout. A note to football fans and anchorpeople: his name is fracking pronounced "mbappe" not "em-bappe" or any other horsesh*te. THE FIRST YEARS: Leonardo, our lord and saviour They begin their offensive on modern football by attracting big names. Leonardo, who played for the club and was a coach and technical director in AC Milan, becomes the sports director. This helps to buy a few international players, particularly from Italy (the most successful of which is Javier Pastore for 42M euros) and a few of the best League 1 players, such as Kevin Gameiro and Blaise Matuidi. They end the first half of the season in the first place, but after a disappointing elimination in the group phase of the Europa League and in the early stages of Coupe de France, the board decides to fire coach Antoine Kombouaré, also an ex-PSG player, during the winter break. This leads to, arguably, their first really big announcement: the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, already considered one of the best football managers in Europe. They also reinforce the team through new players: Maxwell from FC Barcelona, Thiago Motta from Inter and Alex from Chelsea. This will lead to much mockery in France after they finish in the second place at the end of the season, right behind a surprising Montpellier side led by Olivier Giroud and coach René Girard. Even though, thanks to these transfers, Europe begins to learn again the name of Paris Saint-Germain. The 2012-2013 summer transfer window is even more shiny. Marco Verratti, a young Italian hope, comes to PSG despite Juventus interest; Ezequiel Lavezzi (Naples) and Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan) join the team. The Italian connexion, thanks to Leonardo, is pretty strong. The club participates for the first time in years in the UCL. In the winter break, MU legend David Beckham comes to spend his last six months in the Parc des Princes. Some much-loved players from the pre-QSI era are let go: Guillaume Hoarau and Brazilian forward Nene. They get eliminated from UCL by a barely superior FC Barcelona in the round of eight, which is considered a pretty impressive performance at the time. At the end of the season, they win the Ligue 1 by a fair margin for the first time since 1994. The national domination has begun. 2013-2019: Prophets in their own land, martyrs in Europe In the summer of 2013, the board of the club changes drastically. Carlo Ancelotti, following disagreements with the direction and an offer from Real Madrid, leaves the club and is replaced by Laurent Blanc. This decision partly stems from an offensive from the French press which accuses Paris Saint-Germain not to be a French club anymore; the board hopes that a French technician will appease these critics. Leonardo also announces his resignation after having provoked a scandal when he shoved a referee in the corridors of the stadium after a match with several controversial decisions (in no way do I condone the gesture; respect your referees, kids. Paris Saint-Germain also breaks (for the second time in two years) the French transfer record by buying Edinson Cavani from Naples for 64M. It also almost completely erases all traces of pre-Qatari era by selling historical players such as Mamadou Sakho and Matthieu Bodmer. At this point, some historical fans already have detached themselves from the club, claiming that after the "plan Leproux" and the Qatari buyout it lost its identity. This does not seem to faze the new board, as many new supporters join the Parc des Princes; most notably, families and tourists as much as international football fans, coming to admire the PSG stars. They are promptly labeled “footix”, the French new term for “plastics”. In France, a PSG-controlled end of the decade begins. The blue and red side will win five of the six next Ligue 1 (with an interruption in 2017 by an excellent Monaco team, following a buyout of the Principality football team by a rich Russian sponsor) four out of six Coupe de France and five out of six Coupe de la Ligue. Many claim that the immense disparity between PSG and the rest of French clubs does more harm than good to Ligue 1, especially since historically good teams have a harder time attracting or keeping good players since any hope of winning titles seems farer every year. PSG, who already had a reputation for arrogance and being “the club of the capital” against pretty much every other club, attract even more polarizing opinions, becoming at the same time the most well-known and supported French club in France and in the world, and the most hated inside the Hexagon. Some argued that the relative weakness of the Ligue 1 does not help Paris Saint-Germain in Europe, since they cannot be prepared for the high intensity of the UCL games. Many teams come to the Parc des Princes with the idea of "parking the bus" in front of their goal and try to avoid a thrashing rather than playing their own game. In Europe, then, things will not go as planned. Even though in 2015, Paris Saint-Germain creates its (arguably) most impressive modern times football achievement by eliminating Chelsea in Stamford Bridge after an intense prolongation, the next years are not so happy. They get to the round of eight again in 2016, but will hit a glass ceiling for the next three seasons by getting eliminated, sometimes rather humiliatingly (4-0; 1-6 against FC Barcelona in 2017, 2-0; 1-3 in 2019 by a weakened Manchester United) in the round of sixteen. Paris Saint-Germain gains a reputation for being “bottlers”, with mental scars upon mental scars preventing the team from playing at its best level when stakes are high. Many Paris SG fans also insist that the usually overcharged calendar in January and early February hardly helps their team, which plays much more games than many European rivals, leading to injuries of key players. Two different coaches, Laurent Blanc and Unai Emery, will be let go because of these disappointing European results, leading to the recruitment of Thomas Tuchel in 2018, who has yet to convince all observers. In 2016, the board negotiates with ultras to make them welcome in the stadium again in a single association, the CUP, who agrees to leave some control over their action to the club in exchange for the end of random placement and some indulgence from the club for their antics. They know that any violent action will be harshly punished, however; especially in a context where everywhere in France security concerns are more and more pressing and the relation between football supporters and the police are more and more tense. Paris Saint-Germain proved in 2017 that they are able to become one of the top team in Europe by attracting then-Ballon dOr candidate Neymar and the much-desired Kylian Mbappé, breaking the all-time record for a transfer fee twice in one market window. The next seasons, however, have been filled with rumors that these two players will leave the club and join the real giants of the UCL (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool) proving definitely that Paris Saint-Germain is not yet considered a real contender for the supreme European title. It is also worthy of note that QSI expanded the handball team and the feminine team, to the point of making the former the unchallenged best French club and a contender for the European League and the latter the second-best French team, just behind immovable Olympique Lyonnais. Personal note: if you've never heard of feminine football player Nadia Nadim, go check out her history and get inspired for the rest of the day. THE START OF A NEW DECADE: Neymar and Leonardo are back, baby This year could mark the start of a new era for Paris Saint-Germain. The summer was much-agitated by rumors of departure for Neymar to FC Barcelona. Thankfully for the club, Leonardo has come back to the board, replacing much-criticized Antero Henrique as sports director. He immediately takes things in hand, multiplying his public appearances and offering a strong discourse, that becomes in the press the official PSG board line. The negotiations with Bartomeu & Co dont lead to an agreement and the Brazilian star stays in Paris. The 2019 summer market is judged unusual for Paris Saint-Germain. Despite not being under sanctions from the FFP anymore, they do not buy any “big” players, instead reinforcing in the midfield and defense by buying a mix of young and promising players and experienced ones. Only on the last day do they “steal” Mauro Icardi from Juventus and others suitors by obtaining a loan with a buying option deemed very low for a player of his caliber. Rumors about the departure of Kylian Mbappé and Neymar will not stop, especially coming from the Spanish press. Though no one knows where the future leads, the French press tends to underline that both players have actively said that they are “100%” in Paris and do not wish to talk about leaving. With the growing friendship between the two players, some even imagine that a good run in the UCL could lead them to staying in Paris, where they are the undoubtable master players. Well, youve all heard about it. Some historical players of the Qatari project could also leave Paris Saint-Germain, especially Thiago Silva and Edinson Cavani, who will get to the end of their contract this summer. This could lead to the integration of a few good players from the formation center, that the board renovated, expanded and made much better. Even though Paris Saint-Germain spawned a top-class player every other decade, this was deemed insufficient for the one and only top-level club in an 11-million inhabitant area. This could change in the next years, and defender Tanguy Kouassi and forward Adil Aouchiche, both 17, could be the first signs that a new generation of Parisien-bred players will play a new role in the club. Anyway, while PSG seems to stay without much effort the top club in France (the last year, which saw them lose both national cups, provoked such an uproar among the fans that the team seems very keen on winning everything they can in 2020) they still have a long way to go in Europe - despite being one of very few teams that got out of the UCL stage group every year since 2013. The key questions are: will they be able to keep their main players and be respected as a good destination for footballers of such caliber? will they form a new team, maybe free from the mental scars of the past? Will they finally be able to eliminate FC Barcelona? Whose wife or girlfriend will Mauro Icardi inevitably shag? PART 3, where we will talk about the business side of Paris Saint-Germain, is here. Feel free to add any content and ask any question that you want in the comments. Love y'all.

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